Panel #3: “Disillusionment as a Path to Enlightenment”

This panel will discuss how we handle the uncertainties and insecurities that arise when we can no longer idealize enlightenment, our teachers or analysts, and our communities. What happens when a beloved Buddhist teacher or a revered psychoanalyst commits an ethical violation? How can the experience of disillusionment become a path to greater freedom? How […]

Panel #2: “The Ethical Foundations of Human Freedom”

This panel will take up the topic of ethics and power dynamics in groups and relationships as they impact human freedom and enlightenment. What are the ethical underpinnings of psychoanalysis and Buddhist practice and how do they relate to liberation or freedom from suffering? There will be an emphasis on how and why trust can […]

Panel #1: “What Is Human Freedom?”

This panel will define and converse about enlightenment and human freedom from the perspective of both practices. What is the function of idealization in each practice; how is it used and abused? How are splitting and projection a part of normal relationships in the teacher-student and analyst-analysand dyads? What are the differences in the different […]