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Enlightenment Therapy

In his 2009 NY Times article, Enlightenment Therapy, Chip Brown describes a relationship between Buddhism and Psychoanalysis as lived by Zen master Mitsunen. “What darkness is to psychoanalysis, light is to Zen. In pursuit of mystic illumination, ‘the vast ocean of dazzling light,’ Zen is cheerfully unconcerned with the manufacture and distribution of personal meaning… Where psychoanalysis […]

What can psychoanalysis and Buddhism teach one another?

In his article “Two Ways to Listen: A Visit to “Enlightening Conversations” in Psychology Today last year, author and Buddhist practitioner Mark Matousek  looks at last year’s Enlightening Conversations conference in New York City. His article echoes one of the most fertile questions of the Enlightening Conversations conference series: What can psychoanalysis and Buddhism teach one another?

Zen Teachers Pledge To Change Culture That Fosters Abuse

90 Zen teachers signed a letter confronting widespread abuse in the Zen community. “In the long run,” Abbess Myoan Grace Schireson of Empty Nest Zendo in California said, “maybe the pledge can begin to serve as ‘A Zen Student’s Bill of Rights.’” Check out the full article here published this week in The Huffington Post.